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Words from our customers
"I am delighted with all the greeting cards and the prayer cards. They are very professionally and beautifully done... Got to have more of these great cards... I'm nearly out!... Thank you again for these lovely gifts!"
J Phillips | U.S.A.

"I would like to sincerely thank you for your wonderful service. The order arrived safely. The cards, brochures, prayer cards & compilation are breathtakingly beautiful. The products are a combination of simplicity and elegance in design. The colors are vibrant and, naturally, the Creative Word brings it to life. When I first saw your products on the internet I thought to myself finally here is a product I can proudly send to my family & friends. The CD I purchased is also lovely. It is amazing how the sounds of east & west can meet together in perfect unity creating such a gorgeous blend. I always search for new music that can be used for devotional meetings & moments of meditation. This CD will definitely be included in my repertoire."
N Javanmardi | Netherlands

"...received with much joy. Everyone was shown these at the last 19 Day Feast as they arrived that very day. Queries from a few of our cluster are being made as well... Thank you so much."
G de Boer | New Zealand

"Thank you so very much for the beautiful products you have on your web site. I am so pleased with all the items I purchased."
Y Parsi | U.S.A.

"Nothing is more impressive, in this world where people do not have a spiritual attitude about their business, than to have you set the example. Thank you. We are enjoying the beautiful books of readings, and are very happy that most of the Writings are uncommon - allowing the reader to discover."
S Renata | U.S.A.

"I have today received the goods which I ordered. The invitation flyers are particularly useful and finished to a high quality. The cards are very beautiful, and very presentable and also finished to a high quality. Well done."
M Afnan | United Kingdom
Beautiful E-Cards, inspired by Baha'i Writings - free from Dawntide
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