What We Do

We innovate - We like to do things differently and to think out of the box. You won't find any run-of-the-mill products at Dawntide. Everything we create stands out in both aesthetics and meaning.
We get inspired - All of our products have been inspired by the Bahá'í Writings. We constantly refer to the Writings for guidance and inspiration and we quote the Writings on as many of our products as we can because we believe they positively affect people who read them.
We design - We don't just throw a product together and try and sell it. Every aspect of our products have been designed professionally to be beautiful, high-quality and inspirational. In the words of one of our customers "a product I can proudly send to my family and friends".
We listen - You, our customers, are our livelihood. We listen to your feedback, your suggestions, complaints and praises. Several of the new products we've launched have been as a result of customer suggestions, so please do continue to talk to us.

Why We Do It

Quality & Beauty - In 2001 we started Dawntide because we were looking around for really good-quality, beautiful Bahá'í inspired material, products that were "different". We didn't find much, so we decided to produce some ourselves and, thanks to you, we never looked back.
Service - Our work is done in the spirit of service. If, through our products, another person is touched for the first time by the Bahá'í Writings, or someone is inspired or comforted by the words of God, we are happy and nothing brings us greater joy.
Excellence - Shoghi Effendi said "In everything we do, we should always try to attain a standard of excellence". You'll find that the excellence shows through in our products. Not just in the design and beauty of the product, but also in the words and the message they convey.
Pride - We are proud to be citizens of the world and to be Bahá'ís and we want to share this with the world in the most professional way possible by producing products you'll be proud to present to anyone, whether it's your mother or the president of a country.